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Electric Vehicle Finance

How it works

Alpha390 Finance, a leader in Brisbane's finance sector, specialises in Electric Vehicle Finance, providing personalised financing packages for buyers looking to invest in the future of transportation. With an extensive network of over 30 premium lenders, we deliver competitive financing options tailored to the needs of those purchasing electric vehicles. Our EV finance solutions cater to a broad spectrum of electric vehicles to ensure you can drive away in the EV that suits your lifestyle and environmental goals.

For expertly tailored Electric Vehicle Finance solutions, reach out to Alpha390 Finance at 1300 390 390. Whether you’re aiming for zero emissions, seeking the latest in EV technology or looking for efficient city commuting, our financial services are designed to get you into the electric vehicle of your choice.

Types of Electric Vehicles and Financing Options

The electric vehicle market has expanded rapidly, offering a range of options to suit various driving needs and preferences. Alpha390 Finance is committed to supporting this diversity with specialised finance options for all types of EVs.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

These fully electric vehicles offer zero emissions and lower running costs. They are Ideal for those committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

Combining electric propulsion with traditional engines for extended range, these are perfect for drivers transitioning to electric.

Electric City Cars

Compact and efficient, these EVs are designed for urban environments, offering ease of parking and nimbleness in traffic.

Luxury Electric Vehicles

High-end EVs blend premium features with electric efficiency and cater to those seeking luxury without compromise.

Advantages of Choosing Alpha390 Finance for EV Financing

Opting for Electric Vehicle Finance through Alpha390 Finance comes with several key benefits:

Supporting Sustainable Choices

Our finance options make it easier to own an electric vehicle, supporting your choice for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Tailored EV Finance Packages

Customised financing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of electric vehicle buyers, from city cars to luxury EVs.

Competitive Financing Rates

Access to attractive rates through our extensive network of lenders, which ensures you get the best deal for your EV purchase.

Expert EV Financing Advice

Benefit from our expertise in electric vehicle financing with guidance tailored to help you navigate the EV market effectively.

Why Alpha390 Finance is Your Go-to for Electric Vehicle Finance

Alpha390 Finance distinguishes itself as the preferred choice for Electric Vehicle Finance, thanks to:

Wide Range of Lender Options

Our partnerships with over 30 leading lenders guarantee competitive rates and terms for your EV finance.

Flexible Financing Solutions

From purchasing to leasing, we offer a variety of finance products to suit different needs and preferences within the EV market.

Informed by Industry Insights

Our deep understanding of the electric vehicle sector ensures that our finance solutions are both relevant and advantageous.

Commitment to Green Financing

We're dedicated to facilitating the transition to electric vehicles, offering finance solutions that align with environmental sustainability goals.

Serving Electric Vehicle Finance Across South East QLD

Alpha390 Finance is here to empower your switch to electric vehicles, offering specialised Electric Vehicle Finance solutions across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas in South East QLD.


Connect with Alpha390 Finance for Your Electric Vehicle Financing Needs

To explore your electric vehicle finance options and take a significant step towards eco-friendly driving, contact us at 1300 390 390 or visit our Contact Us page. Let Alpha390 Finance help you navigate the EV finance landscape, ensuring you secure the electric vehicle that aligns with your driving needs and sustainability objectives.

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